Logos International School’s curriculum is founded on North American standards and is strongly attached to our Expected School-wide Learning Results. It covers core areas of academics such as Bible, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science as well as a broad spectrum of non-core subjects. In elementary, students participate in Music, Physical Education, Swimming, Art, and Khmer language. In middle and high school, elective classes enrich the core curriculum. These classes include Yearbook, Graphic Design, Chorus, Band, Art, Physical Education, and Drama. For foreign language we offer Khmer and French. 


Grade One through Eight take a yearly standardized test allowing us to compare our students’ growth to Western standards of education.

The PSAT is taken by all Grade Ten students in October helping them to prepare for the SAT. The SAT is taken by Grade Eleven and Twelve students as it is the basis for entrance into colleges and universities around the world.  

A variety of Advance Placement (AP) courses are offered each year for Grade Eleven and Twelve students seeking college credit.  These classes culminate in an AP test.

Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirements for the high school are based on four years of attendance.  To graduate from Logos International School, a student must earn a minimum of 29 units of credit.  In keeping with the philosophy and goals of Logos, each student is expected to complete a minimum of:

  • 4.0  credits of Bible (1 for each year in high school at Logos)
  • 4.0  credits of English
  • 3.0  credits of Math
  • 3.0  credits of Social Studies
  • 3.0  credits of Science
  • 2.0  credits of the same World Language
  • 2.0  credits of Fine and Performing Arts
  • 1.5  credits of Physical Education 
  • 0.5  credits of Health
  • 1.0  credit of Information Technology (IT)
  • 0.5  credit of 21st Century Leadership
  • 0.5  credits of College and Career
  • 4.0  Elective credits


     -The above credits represent the minimum required for graduation. Many university admission policies prefer four credits in the core disciplines (i.e. English, Social Studies, Language, Mathematics, Science).  During the course sign-up process, students will have the opportunity to consult with the High School Principal or College Advisor.  

 -In addition to credits, each student is required to perform twenty hours of community service each year.  These service hours must be registered with a Homeroom teacher.

-Students in grades 11 and 12 may register for a maximum of one study hall each year.  This means that students who are in Logos all four years of high school will normally complete between 30-32 credits by graduation.  Thus, students will typically take courses above and beyond the minimum requirements stated above.

-Exceptions to any of the above may be made from time-to-time at the      Principal’s discretion.

Community Service

As a part of our emphasis on developing socially responsible world citizens, high school students are required to take part in twenty hours of community service for each year they are at Logos.  In addition, high school students take part in a school-wide service trip each year.