Logos Missionary Discount

Logos Missionary Organization Discount

As one of the key missions of Logos International School is to support the ministry of missionary organizations in Cambodia by offering a quality Christian education to their families.  Missionary organizations may apply for the Logos Missionary Organization Discount.  The families that are part of a mission organization that qualifies for the Missionary Organization Discount may be eligible for a ten to twenty five percent discount on tuition.

 If you are interested in the families of your organization receiving the Missionary Organization Discount at Logos have the regional director of your organization write a letter on your organization's official letterhead answering the questions below. This letter can be dropped off in person at our office, or scanned and emailed to office@logoscambodia.org.We will reply to you shortly as to the status of your application.

  • What is your name, official role, and current address / contact details?
  • What is the name of your organization?Where is the organizations headquarters (Main office, Cambodian Office)?
  • What is the URL for your organizations website? (if applicable)
  • How long has this organization been in existence?
  • What is the mission and vision of your organization?
  • Does your organization have an MOU with the Cambodia government; if so, please give details?
  • How many members does your organization have?
    • Worldwide?
    • In Cambodia?
  • Are you associated with any churches or denominations?
    • If Yes, please explain the association.
  • Please list the families that attend Logos and the names of all of their children.
  • Briefly explain how the families of your organization are funded. (do they raise their own support, or does the organization pay them a living stipend etc.?)
  • Does your organization pay these families an education stipend, or do families have to raise the full amount of their children’s educational costs?