Wednesday Update - Sept. 26, 2018

26 Sep 2018

Mark Your Calendars

September 29 - 30 -- HS Volleyball Tournament @ Bangkok
October 5 -- End of Quarter 1
October 6-14 -- Pchum Ben Holiday-NO SCHOOL
October 19 -- Report Cards go home
October 25-26 --Parent Teacher Conferences
October 25-26 --Parent Teacher Conferences
October 26 -- Early Release Day

Secondary Chapel Chats

Wednesday, September 26
Middle School Chapel

  • Message - Love Because God Loves Us
  • Scripture - 1 John 3:16, 1 Cor 16:14
  • Speaker - Mr. Smith

High School Chapel

  • Message - Keep Walking
  • Speaker - 1 Thessalonians 5
  • Speaker- Mr. Barrett 

Grade 4 & Grade 5 Basketball Tournament

YAPP G4&5 Basketball tournament
Wednesday, October 3rd (1:45-4:45 pm)

  • Your child will depart school at 1:45pm on the bus and return back to school at 4:45pm.
  • G4 & G5 classroom teachers and TA’s will be attending the event with your child.
  • If your child usually leaves school via the van in the afternoon, it will not be available this day due to the late return and potential delay. You will need to pick your child up at Logos at 4:45pm.
  • Please send your child with a water bottle, hat, snacks and running shoes.
  • Students must wear their PE uniform to distinguish them from other students 

World Scholar’s Cup

In January, Logos will be starting a World Scholar’s Cup Club for students in grades 6 -12. Students in the club will prepare for a conference in Phnom Penh, in April or May.  Students will study six different subjects and will compete in collaborative writing, team debate, multiple choice challenges, and a team quiz bowl.  For more information about the program, check out or a Three-Minute Intro Video.  On Friday morning during homeroom time, Logos will host an informational meeting for interested students.  

Ordering School Pictures

Kirsten Belloni of Belloni Photography took this year’s school pictures. Photos will only be available in digital format. 

$5.00 Digital School Photo Package Includes 3 Files:

  • 1 high quality digital file of the individual student 
  • 1 high quality digital class photo
  • 1 high quality digital silly class photo (if available)

Picture order forms will go home with students this week. To order pictures, return the form along with $5 to your student’s homeroom teacher by October 5, 2018. You can also order and pay for student pictures in the office.

MAP Results

Official results from the Fall MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing sessions will go home with report cards on October 19.  Your child's teacher may have already shared scores with you, but as a school the results for every class, grades 1-9, will go out at that time.  

The results will show your child's growth from last Fall.  

If your child is new to Logos this year; however, the results will only show this Fall's testing.

Pumpkin Dash

Note from School Nurse

What is hand, foot, and mouth disease?
Despite its scary name, hand, foot, and mouth disease is a common, contagious illness caused by different viruses. It typically affects infants and children under age 5, but older kids and adults can catch it as well.
It usually starts with a fever, sore throat, and runny nose—much like the common cold—but then a rash with tiny blisters may start to show up on the following body sites:

  • In the mouth
    • On the inner cheeks
    • Gums
    • Sides of the tongue
    • Top of the mouth
  • Fingers
  • Palms of hands
  • Soles of feet
  • Buttocks

Note: One, few, or all of these body sites may have blisters.Symptoms are the worst in the first few days but are usually completely gone within a week. Peeling of the fingers and toes after 1 to 2 weeks can happen, but it is harmless.

Can my child go to school or child care with hand, foot, and mouth disease?

Yes, except for when:

  • The child is not feeling well enough to participate in class or has a fever.
  • The teacher or child care provider feels he or she cannot take care of the child without compromising care for the other children in the class. Excessive drooling from mouth sores might be a problem that people find difficult to manage.
  • The child has many open blisters which are not able to be covered. It usually takes about 7 days for the blisters to dry up.

Note: Exclusion from child care or school will not reduce the spread of hand, foot, and mouth disease because children can spread the virus even if they have no symptoms and the virus may be present in the stool for weeks after the symptoms are goneWhen can my child go back to school or child care?A child can return to school or child care after all of the exclusion criteria (listed above) are resolved and the child feels well enough to participate. Talk with your child's pediatrician if you are not sure when your child should return to school or child care.Thank you!

Library Corner



The Scholastic Order earned the Library over $160 in free books.  Thank you!  Here's a glimpse of just a few of our new books:

Sport News:

Sat & Sun Sept 29 & 30:
HS varsity volleyball tournaments in Bangkok.  
Boys at Concordian
Girls at Wells
Ms girls basketball
Tues. October 2  Logos @ Hope  3:30-4:30PM
Wed. October 3  LFRD @ Logos 3:30-4PM
MS boys basketball
Tues. October 2  Hope @ Logos 3:30  A & B teams
Thurs. October 4  Logos @ CIA 3:30 A team
HS girls volleyball
Mon. October 1  CIA @ Logos 3:30 A
HS boys volleyball
Tues. October 2  Logos @ CIA 3:30 (A)
Wed. October 3  Logos @ LFRD 4PM  (A)
Thurs. October 4  Logos @ NISC 3:30  (A)

Next Week at a Glance

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat


Oct. 1 Oct. 2 Oct. 3 Oct. 4 Oct. 5 Oct. 6

Chicken wing with rice

Curry Chicken with bread

Korean BBQ Pork with rice

Pasta and cheese with salad

Beef with cauliflower with rice


HS VB Girls Practice 3:30-4:45 PM

MS BB Boys Practice 3:30-4:45 PM
HS VB Boys AM Practice

MS BB Girls Practice 3:30-4:45 PM
 HS VB Boys AM Practice

MS BB Boys Practice 3:30-4:45 PM
HS VB Girls Practice 6AM-7:30AM HS VB Boys Practice 3:30-4:55 PM

MS BB Girls Practice 3:30-4:45 PM

HS VB Girls Practice 8:30-10AM HS VB Boys Practice 10AM-12noon