Wednesday Update - Oct. 31, 2018

31 Oct 2018

Mark Your Calendars

November 3 -- ISSAPP MS Basketball Tournament
November 8-9 -- NO SCHOOL: Teacher Pro-D
November 16 -- End of 1st Session After School Program
November 14 -- YAPP football for 3rd grade
November 19-23 -- NO SCHOOL: Water Festival Break

Secondary Chapel Chats

Middle School Chapel

  • Message - Why are we here? (Part 2)
  • Scripture - Matthew 5:16
  • Speaker - Mr. Smith

High School Chapel

  • Message - Can I touch him?
  • Scripture - Psalm 97-101
  • Speaker - Mr. Barrett

Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming club will perform an exhibition of what they have learned this session at 4:15pm on November 6th and November 13th.  Feel free to come watch!

Elementary Chapel

Wednesday morning from 8:20 - 9:00 is the time for Elementary Chapel, in the multi-purpose room.  Younger years (grade PK 3  to grade 2) and upper years (grades 3 to 5) alternate weeks.  Next week, November 7, will be an upper years chapel, featuring our school-wide, ESLR goal of Growing as a Caring Member of a Community.  Parents are always welcome to come and participate.  We would love to see you there!

No School - November 8-9

Next Thursday and Friday, Nov. 8-9, there will be no school.  The teachers and staff will combine with staff from Asian Hope International School, there at AHIS, for two days of professional development.  A team of trainers from Biola University in the United States will be here to facilitate the training sessions.  

Library Corner

Library Hours:  ​​​Monday thru Thursday until 4:45
                         Friday until 3:45
Catalogues:  ​​​​​​​​OPAC
Questions?  Comments?  Contact Mrs. Ralph at

Note from School Nurse

The weather is changing signaling the cool dry season is soon to begin. With the change brings new health concerns. The dry windy weather causes our skin to dry out and become itchy. Please apply lotion to your children's skin to keep it hydrated and healthy. This also apply's to our lips and nose's. I am seeing children with chapped dry lips. Please provide chap stick or Vaseline for their lips to prevent cracking and bleeding. And children might begin to have nose bleeds. Saline spray into the nostrils can help hydrate and keep the lining of nose moist to prevent nose bleeds.
If our skin and lips are dry then our insides are dry too. Children are coming to the Nurse complaining of headaches and sore throats. Please increase your water intake! Remind you children to drink at home and refill their water bottles 2-3 times while at school. This reinforces what we are also telling your children.
The Flu vaccine is still available at many clinic, it's not too late to vaccinate!
I am looking forward to changing season's and doing all I can to keep our children safe and healthy.

Logos Sports

HS volleyball A teams continue practicing for ASAC tournament in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Nov 16-Nov 19, 2018.  
HS basketball teams start practice.
HS Boys start Saturday, Nov 3rd  7:00AM-8:30AM
Practice on Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4:50PM.
HS Girls start Wednesday, Nov 7th they have practice Wed & Friday 3:30-4:50PM. 
MS basketball tournaments:

MS girls B team @ Logos Friday Nov 2.

Junior Girls B team tournament

MS boys B team @ CIS Friday Nov 2.

Bus leaves Logos @ 2:30PM.  

ISSAPP Junior Boys B Basketball Finals - Versio...

MS boys A team & MS girls A team @ ISPP Saturday, Nov 3.

Bus leaves Logos at 7:00AM for boys & girls.

2018 Junior Basketball Tourney.xlsx

Bus returns from ISPP about 6PM for boys & girls.

MS boys & girls continue practice if they are part of the ASAC tournament. Boys Tues & Thurs.  Girls Wed. 

See details for that tournament.  Bussing details will be sent home next week. 

 Jr BASKETBALL Team Round Robin - 3 courts

Friday, Nov 16 Logos A team boys & girls volleyball teams leave for Ho Chi Minh by bus very early in the morning.  Tournament starts Friday night and finishes Sunday afternoon.  The teams will bus back Monday morning, Nov 19. 

 ISHCMC Sen. Volleyball Round Robin - 3 courts

Next Week at a Glance

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
Nov. 5 Nov. 6 Nov. 7 Nov. 8 Nov. 9 Nov. 10

Grilled Chicken with mushroom sauce and rice

Cheese taco bread

Beef Stroganoff with rice

No School: Independence Day & Staff in Training

No School: Independence Day & Staff in Training


HS girls VB       3:30PM

MS Boys BB 3:30PM HS Boys BB 3:30PM

HS Boys VB 6:00AM MS Girls BB 3:30PM HS Girls BB 3:30PM

No school No practice Teacher Professional Development

No school No practice Teacher Professional Development ASAC tournament


HS Girls BB 7:00AM HS Boys BB 8:30AM HS Girls VB 10AM 9:00AM ASAC tournament MS Boys BB & MS Girls BB