Wednesday Update - Oct. 3, 2018

03 Oct 2018

Mark Your Calendars

October 5 -- End of Quarter 1
October 6-14 -- Pchum Ben Holiday-NO SCHOOL
October 19 -- Report Cards go home
October 25-26 --Parent Teacher Conferences
October 25-26 --Parent Teacher Conferences
October 26 -- Early Release Day
October 27 -- Pumpkin Dash

Secondary Chapel Chats

Wednesday, Oct. 3

Middle School Chapel

  • Message - Becoming Love 
  • Scripture -Matthew 5:16
  • Speaker - Mr. Smith

High School Chapel

  • Message - Question and Answer Panel
  • Panel- Mr. Barrett, Ms. Bawden, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Min, Mr. Hogue

Ordering School Pictures

Kirsten Belloni of Belloni Photography took this year’s school pictures. Photos will only be available in digital format. 

$5.00 Digital School Photo Package Includes 3 Files:

  • 1 high quality digital file of the individual student 
  • 1 high quality digital class photo
  • 1 high quality digital silly class photo (if available)

Picture order forms will go home with students this week. To order pictures, return the form along with $5 to your student’s homeroom teacher by October 5, 2018. You can also order and pay for student pictures in the office.

PSAT Testing

We will offer PSAT testing to interested Grade 10 & 11 students on Wednesday, October 10. The testing will take place at Logos in Room 308 from 8am to 12pm. Unfortunately, this date is during the middle of the Pchum Ben Holiday, so testing is voluntary. The test is free for Grade 10 students, but Grade 11 students need to pay $16 to cover the cost of the test.
Why should students take the PSAT?
The PSAT is great practice for the SAT.
PSAT results can give you a general idea of how well students will do on the SAT. 
United States Citizens who perform well on the test may be eligible for National Merit Scholarships for college
Students who plan to take the PSAT exam must register by Wednesday, October 3. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Young (

Early Release

On Friday, October 26, Logos will have an early release day as part of parent-teacher conferences.  Students will be dismissed at 11:55.  All students should be off campus by 12:30.  No lunch will be served.

Pumpkin Dash 



Secondary Dress Code Enforcement

Logos has a student dress code to ensure that students have a safe, positive, and equitable learning environment. Unfortunately, I have recently received a number of complaints from students, teachers, and parents about the dress code not being followed or enforced. To combat this growing problem, we have implemented a new procedure and new consequences for dress code violations.

Here is the process:

  1. A student violates the dress code.
  2. A teacher gives the student a Dress Code Violation Slip and sends the student to the office
  3. The office records the infraction in RosarioSIS, gives the student a Warning Slip, and signs Dress Code Violation Slip. The student changes into or purchases clothes that meet the dress code.
  4. The student takes the Dress Code Violation Slip to show the teacher who issued the slip
  5. Parents sign the Warning Slip and the student returns the slip to the office
  6. The student receives a consequence for the violation

Consequences for Dress Code Violations:

  • First Infraction = Warning note to parents
  • Second Infraction= 30-minute morning detention
  • Third Infraction = 60-minute Saturday morning detention
  • Fourth Infraction = ½ day in-school suspension and zeros on all tests and assignments during the suspension
  • Fifth Infraction = 1 full day in-school suspension and zeros on all tests and assignments during the suspension

While we expect students to continue to follow the Logos Dress Code, teachers will begin handing out the new Dress Code Infraction Slips on Monday, Oct 15. If your child needs to buy new pants, shorts, or skirts, make sure the student does so before the second quarter begins after the holiday.

Please check your child's uniforms and help us make sure the Logos Dress Code is followed. If you have questions about the dress code, see the guidelines from the Parent/Student Handbook.

MAP Results

Official results from the Fall MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing sessions will go home with report cards on October 19.  Your child's teacher may have already shared scores with you, but as a school the results for every class, grades 1-9, will go out at that time.  

The results will show your child's growth from last Fall.  

If your child is new to Logos this year; however, the results will only show this Fall's testing.

Music Teacher Needed

As you may know, our wonderful Music Teacher, Carissa Shrout, will be going on maternity leave around February.  She will be out for three months.  We are looking for someone who can step in to teach in her absence.

If you have a music background and would be interested in exploring the possibility of working for Logos spring semester, please contact the elementary principal, Mike Belloni (

Logos Elementary Reading Week 2018

Elementary Reading Week begins Monday, October 15.  Our theme this year is “Logos Students Leap into Reading!”  Here is our schedule for our theme dress days:

Monday: Breakfast, Blankets, and Books


  • Students are encouraged to come to school in their pajamas and bring their favourite stuffed toy or pillow.  Please make sure pajamas are modest and follow the Logos School dress code.

Tuesday: Pond Day


  • Students are encouraged to dress in green, blue, etc. or dress as a pond animal to go with our “Leap into Reading” theme.

Wednesday: Read My Shirt Day


  • Students are encouraged to wear clothing with words.  Please make sure any writing on clothing is appropriate for our school.

Thursday: Word Hat Day


  • Students will create Word Hats in their classrooms.

Friday: Book Character Day


  • Students are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character.  We will have a parade first thing in the morning and parents are invited to come and watch.  There will be a prize given to the class with the highest percentage of participation!

Each day a Reading Log will be sent home with your child.  Once they complete it, please ask them to return it to Mrs. Ralph so that their name can be entered to win a small prize during morning lineup.

Logos Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held Thursday evening, October 25, from 3:30-6:00, and Friday afternoon, October 26, from 1:00-4:00.  

All secondary will meet in the Multi-purpose room during these times.  For elementary, please contact the Logos front office (016 544 467 or 017473 515) to schedule a specific time with your child's teacher.  

Next Week at a Glance

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
Oct. 15 Oct. 16 Oct. 17 Oct. 18 Oct. 19 Oct. 20

Diyon Chicken with rice

Pork Sandwich with bread and soup

Tom Yum Chicken with rice

Taco Spaghetti with salad

Grilled Chicken with rice


HS VB Girls Practice 3:30-4:45 PM

MS BB Boys Practice 3:30-4:45 PM HS VB Boys AM Practice

MS BB Girls Practice 3:30-4:45 PM HS VB Boys AM Practice

MS BB Boys Practice 3:30-4:45 PM HS VB Girls Practice 6AM-7:30AM HS VB Boys Practice 3:30-4:55 PM 

MS BB Girls Practice 3:30-4:45 PM

HS VB Girls Practice 8:30-10AM HS VB Boys Practice 10AM-12noon