Facility Booking

Logos International School allows the booking of portions of the  facility to the Logos community and the larger community, such as parent groups, organizations, churches, evangelical groups/missions and educational institutions for healthy competitions and a variety of other activities as a gesture to extend our cooperation in contributing to a positive social and academic development of the Cambodian youth.The use of the facility is allowed in conjunction with the following policy.

  1. The individual seeking permission for the use of the facility must indicate the purpose, date, time and the number of individuals involved with the program/event.
  2. The requesting party must clearly describe the nature of the program/event it plans on conducting at the facility.
  3. The school administration reserves the right to deny/modify the request at its discretion.
  4. The cancellation of the booking for the use of the facility must be made at the earliest possible time.

After having received permission to use the facility, the requesting entity will comply with the following terms and agreements:

Terms and Agreements

  • All payments are to be paid no later than the last Friday before the function.
  • Damage Deposit is based on number of people. This deposit will be returned once the school administration is satisfied that the requesting entity has complied with the terms listed below.
  • The school does not provide athletic equipment, balls, etc…. Exception: Basketball hoops, soccer goal nets are available. Volleyball posts are available (no net provided).
  • No food is to be prepared or consumed in the pool area. We ask that all pool rules are followed.
  • Motorbikes and bicycles may be parked inside the school campus but vehicles (vans, cars, etc) must be parked out along the school wall.
  • The school guards are not responsible for any damage or loss to vehicles.
  • You may have someone come along to guard your vehicles.
  • You are expected to leave the athletics facility area in a neat and clean condition. (If any food items, drinks, etc… have been consumed, all the wrappers, packing, disposable plates and cups etc must be properly disposed off. Please keep the washroom area clean).
  • Any loss of your personal items, equipment etc… will not be the responsibility of Logos school.
  • Visiting guests will limit their movements on the school compound to the agreed rented area. Guests will avoid going into any rooms or other school buildings, unless properly escorted by a guard or a school employee (restroom excluded).
  • Visitors will be accountable for any damage to any of the school property or infrastructure.