Asian Hope

Asian Hope traces its beginnings to a small orphanage opened in June 1998 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The first 2 years were quite a struggle as the orphanage survived with support from various groups. In the spring of 2000, Asian Hope was officially established and took ownership of the orphanage and a small preschool named KC International School.

During that first two years 30 abandoned and orphaned children ages 3 to 15 years were welcomed into the children’s home and Asian Hope has continued to serve those children into their adolescence and as they transition into adulthood. In addition to food, clothing and housing, the children reside in a family-like environment led by care givers who shepherd their emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual development.

Currently, Asian Hope is made up of three primary outreach programs:

  • Asian Hope Schools: some of the most respected schools in Phnom Penh (Logos International School; and Asian Hope International School)
  • Higher Education and Learning Program (H.E.L.P.): sends children formerly of the children’s homes to university throughout the world
  • Village Development Program: provides education support services to children, schools and impoverished villages along with programs of health and safety education for the community and local church support.

Today, Asian Hope ministers to over 1,100 children through our programs.  Our schools educate over 750 children from 22 nations every year. Unlike other International Schools in Phnom Penh, nearly 60 percent of our students are Cambodian. The schools accommodate preschool and kindergarten, primary grades, and high school. Scholarships totaling over $1.75 Million have been offered to needy children in the community over the past 10 years so they too can receive a quality education at our schools. Our Teacher Assistant Education Program provides instruction in classroom management, lesson planning and innovative teaching methods while providing real-world experience for the aspiring Cambodian teacher.

Asian Hope believes that the most effective way of transforming Cambodia is through enabling future generations to lead their country, and to be the catalysts of change. We are providing a familial environment, quality education, and life experiences that are preparing the children of Asian Hope to step into leadership roles. As teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, business people, etc., these children will be able to influence their country in the name Christ, and to help transform Cambodia in a culturally relevant way.

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